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This is a frequently asked question #1?

Q: Why do I have to fill out a form?

A: This allows us to give you our full attention to conduct a pre-appointment consultation. We are able to learn about your previous hair history, likes, dislikes, before stepping foot into the salon. Theres nothing worse than booking an appointment only to arrive and the service you are wanting can't be done for various reasons. This wastes your time and the stylists time. Resulting in lost wages for the stylist and frustration for the client.

This is a frequently asked question #3?

Q: Do you sell retail?

A: We do carry an array of products in the salon for sale along with an option to shop online and have products shipped straight to your home.

This is a frequently asked question #2?

Q: Can I just walk in?

A: We are by Appointment Only. We are very conscious of our service times for our clients. More often than not we are in the middle of a service. As to not take away from the clients service, we can not walk away.  Which is not only unfair to our client being serviced but also to whomever may walk in, we wont be able to give our full attention.

This is a frequently asked question #4?

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: We only sell service based gift certificates being gifted to current clients. We will offer gift certificates for retail purchase for non clients.

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